Property Guardians

Innovative Property Protection and Management

 Management, Protection, and Maintenance for Vacant Property

We are a leading London based company protecting vacant buildings 24/7 365 days of the year. We provide low cost accommodation in commercial and residential buildings in exchange for live in property security. Property Guardians enjoy a wealth of benefits working with us to provide security for vacant buildings. As a property guardian, you can save 50% – 60% on housing costs compared to rental market and live in amazing buildings across London.

Property Guardians

We provide reliable and responsible live-in Property Guardians who occupy Commercial or Residential property giving you peace of mind that your property is:
Safe, secure and will continue to retain its value until the future of the property is determined.

Do you have empty commercial or residential properties?

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Why choose Blue Door Property Guardians?

Get peace of mind that your property is safe, secure and will continue to retain its value.


We have been Property Guardians and know the business from the inside out.


We are innovative and creative, working collaboratively with our partners to find the best solutions.


We are passionate about our work and look after our clients and our Guardians